Echo of the

Echo of the Waves is a 2.5D adventure game in which the player embodies Zephyr, a young cartographer and musician embarking on an initiatory journey at sea to better understand the world he evolves in. 

In a poetic and insular watercolor-painted universe, the player navigates throughout a mysterious nature that expresses itself in the form of symbols and melodies to decipher.


Oneira Games is a Swiss indie game studio, co-founded in 2019 by two sisters with a taste for poetic and sensory experiences, Adriana and Eléonor de Pesters.

“Oneira” means dreams in greek. 

With a focus on creativity and innovation, the studio works with freelancers from different backgrounds (video game, animation, music, film, stage design) who share the same passion for atmospheric and interactive experiences.


Adriana de Pesters

Eleonor de Pesters

Creative Lead

Art Director

Lucie Robert

Dolker Angotsang

Reina Burkhalter

Quentin Cabado

Game Designer



Sound Designer

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